Entech Scientific - new generation concepts

EnTech Scientific is a company that develops new product concepts in the field of materials analysis.

EnTech Scientific also develops and integrates new underlying technologies resulting in leading edge products and services. Intellectual Property management is a major task. Production, sales and services will be left to partners.

EnTech Scientific has invented a completely new system concept that is based on various physical principles (so-called elastic and inelastic x-ray scattering). The most important feature is that in this new method also very high energy x-rays are used resulting in high penetration depth and that the x-ray signal coming back from the material has also very high energies so that it can be transmitted through the environment. With this method it is possible to analyze material (crystalline, non-crystalline or fluids) that is hidden behind barriers.

EnTech Scientific has it’s home base in Enschede. It is currently setting up a high-energy lab facility in Enschede for fundamental research on this new method for materials analysis.

New product concepts in the field of materials analysis.